Jefferson vs Hamilton Debate

3 March 2017

Jefferson V. S Hamilton Debate Question •How did Jefferson’s ideals of government differ from those of Hamilton? Jefferson believed in strong states which would in return better control the government while also benefiting us while Hamilton believed in strong central government where the states would have limited power and the elite would have a say in government while also basing the economy on industry and large national debt. •Why was Jefferson’s support focused mainly on the “common” man such as farmers?

Jefferson’s support mainly focused on the “common” man because of the fact that he in fact was a farmer. •Why did Jefferson advocate a “strict” interpretation of the Constitution? Jefferson advocated a “strict” government in order to hinder the rising of a strong central government. •Why did Jefferson appose Hamilton’s ideas of a national bank and the creation of a national debt? The south had already paid their debt—would be supporting the northern states. • What were Jefferson’s beliefs on the individual state’s power?

He believed that the country was too large to be appropriately controlled by a strong central government. He concurred that if the government was controlled more by the states, that the people would benefit more. • Through what means did Jefferson believe the economy would prosper? Agriculturally • Why did Jefferson support the French Revolution? The French supported us during our own revolution. •In what ways did Jefferson feel that the people should control the government?

He believed that the government should be mainly controlled by the states, which in return would lead to a more people controlled government. • What were Jefferson’s beliefs on the whiskey tax? That it was wrong—it is the farmer’s excess wheat and are free to do with it what they want. • Are any ideas of Jefferson are used in today’s government? Yes, however today’s government is based upon the composition of ideas of both Hamilton and Jefferson.

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