Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

Recently, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins brought their country-esque tunes, charming talents, and amazing style to my area and left the audience in awe.

The sold-out show opened with the ridiculously cute four-piece Whispertown 2000. With their creative folk-sounding songs about love and beer, the well-dressed group from L.A. could easily be signed to Team Love with Jenny and the girls.

Following was the shy singer/guitarist Jonathon Rice and his band. The stuttering 21-year-old seemed nervous, but he was definitely cute. He provided an enjoyable performance but by the time he left the stage, he seemed angry that people were talking.

When Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins finally took the stage, the crowd went wild. The show opened with β€œRun Devil Run,” with all the songs from the album following, except (to the surprise of many) the classic Traveling Wilbury’s cover, β€œHandle with Care.” Jenny introduced new songs that fans will love, including a love song with Jonathon Rice, another with Lewis on keyboard, and an a capella one.

The energy on the stage was extraordinary. The Watson Twins (hailing from Kentucky) stood to the left of Jenny, singing back-up and providing percussion creatively by clapping their hands, hitting metal rods together, and even playing quarters by hitting them into their microphones. The audience sang along and applauded throughout, resting only during Lewis’s solo of β€œRabbit Fur Coat,” when the audience fell silent. An energetic encore with Jonathan Rice ended the show.

This was a show to remember and evidence of the success Rilo Kiley’s front woman has reached on her own. It’s clear that the world hasn’t seen the last of Jenny Lewis.

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