Jessica Simpson – In This Skin

1 January 2020

If you only thought you could get a close look into the life of pop star Jessica Simpson by watching her and her husband, Nick Lachey, on their hit series “Newlyweds,” then you obviously have not listened to her latest album, “In This Skin.”

This eleven-track CD truly brings everything from her heart and lovingly sends it to us. With the opportunity to co-write the album, Jessica feels that she has created something that truthfully conveys the person she has become. She states, “I feel stronger, more alive and more refreshed after writing and recording my own thoughts.”

Jessica Simpson – In This Skin Essay Example

Although many of the songs here are about the love between her and her husband, each contains lyrics that all young wo-men can relate to. Whether struggling with self-esteem or falling in love, Jessica makes sure to include everything that she has felt.

In her second single, “With You” (which she wrote for Nick), she sings, “I’ve never felt so beautiful, baby, as I do now that I’m with you.” She also wrote a song for her father, “You Don’t Have To Let Go,” to thank him for all his love and hard work.

The title track, “In This Skin,” is a song she wants fans to listen to and sing with her. Jessica says, “We are all worthy to feel beautiful and comfortable in our bodies.”

“In This Skin” accentuates Jessica’s beautiful voice with remarkable ballads, as well as fun, up-beat tunes. This Texas native has evolved from an innocent girl next door who released “Sweet Kisses” in 1999 to a stunning, mature songwriter/TV star/wife who is taking the world by storm with her passion.

If you have not heard this release, I strongly recommend you take the time to listen to each track because “In This Skin” is truthfully an album like no other.

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