Jet Blue Decision Making Steps

2 February 2017

Introduction David Neeleman is Chairman and CEO of JetBlue Airways Corporation. He started his career in the airline industry in 1984 when he co-founded Morris Air. As president of Morris Air, he implemented the industry’s first electronic ticketing system and pioneered a home reservationist system . JetBlue is Neeleman’s third successful launch in the aviation business, His goal is to bring people back to air travel by offering low fares, friendly service and a high quality product.

JetBlue is now the largest carrier at New York’s John F.Kennedy Airport. And was rated “Best Domestic Airline” at Conde Nast Traveler’s 2003 Readers’ Choice Awards for the second consecutive year, and was runner-up for “Best Domestic Airline” at Travel ; Leisure magazine’s 2002 and 2003 World’s Best Awards. Neeleman’s key decision was to to setup a career JetBlue which embraced the Southwest model of low fares and customer friendly service and a high quality product like all economy-class ,stylish perks such as leather seats, DirectTV and assigned seats.He belives that business really needed some fresh thinking and fresh ideas. It depicts his idea of launching JetBlue and making it a customer oriented, high quality airline that stands out from other airlines. For making decision Neeleman used six stages they are Identifying and diagnosing the problem: The first step towards a decision making process is to define the problem.

Jet Blue Decision Making Steps Essay Example

Obviously, there would be no need to make a decision without having a problem. So, the first thing one has to do is to state the underlying problem that has to be solved.Neeleman himself and with his staff spend quite time studying the customer problems and in convinces they faced during the flight. This helped him finding not only identifying and diagnosing the problem but also find out what customers wants and got fresh ideas. Generating alternative solutions: The situation of making a decision arises because there are many alternatives available for it. Hence, the next step after defining the main problem would be to state out the alternatives available for that particular situation.Here, you do not have to restrict yourself to think about the very obvious options, rather you can use your creative skills and come out with alternatives that may look a little irrelevant.

This is important because sometimes solutions can come out from these out-of-the-box ideas. You would also have to do adequate research to come up with the necessary facts that would aid in solving the problem. By interacting with customers he gathered fresh ideas that require comfortable seats and entertainment in flights at low cost.And also a formal recovery plan when all gates is engaged during crises condition that included the purchase of mobile staircases at airports so that passengers could deplane even if all the gates were occupied. Evaluate the Alternatives: This can be said to be the one of the most important stages of the decision making process. This is the stage where you have to analyze each alternative you have come up with. You have to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

This can be done as per the research you have done on that particular alternative.At this stage, you can also filter out the options that you think are impossible or do not serve your purpose. Rating each option with a numerical digit would also help in the filtration process. He learned from the customers feedback and observation that apart from providing new efficient flights also need to provide good comfortable leather seats. Instead of providing on board meals he provided snacks in short distance flights and also entertainment options like satilite direct TV etc. Make the Decision: This is the stage where the hard work you have put in analyzing would lead to.The evaluation process would help you in looking at the available options clearly and you have to pick which you think is the most applicable.

You can also club some of the alternatives to come out with a better solution instead of just picking out any one of them. During the winter storm that gripped the northeast United States on Valentine’s Day 2007 many of the flights were canceled,JetBlue soon found that many of its planes and flight crews scattered across the rest of the country were now out of place due to the disruptions at its hub in New York.As a result, as a result he has to decide to reset the airlines operation. However, came at a steep price: JetBlue was forced to cancel approximately 1,200 flights between February 14 and February 19. Implement the Solution: The next obvious step after choosing an option would be implementing the solution. Just making the decision would not give the result one wants. Rather, you have to carry out on the decision you have made.

This is a very crucial step because all the people involved in the implementation of a solution should know about the implications of making the decision. This is very essential for the decision to give successful results. Monitor your Solution: Just making the decision and implementing it is not the end of the decision making process, it is very important to monitor your decision regularly. At this stage, you have to keep a close eye on the progress of the solution taken and also whether it has led to the results you expected.

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