JFK Inaugural Address Analysis Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Alliteration“Let us travel away to take the land we love. ” Allusion“I have sworn before you and all mighty God. ” Personification“With history the concluding justice of our deeds” Metaphor“We are the inheritors of the first revolution. ” Hortative Sentence“So let us get down a new one…” PathosBased on the emotions of JFK. Accumulative Sentence But neither can two great and powerful groups of states take comfort…yet both rushing to change that unsure balance. Oxymoron“But this peaceable revolution. ” AntimetaboleAsk non what your state. . ” Rhetorical Question“Will you fall ining in the historic attempt? ” Archaic Diction“Beliefs for which our for bears fought are still at issue around the Earth. ” Imagery“The torch has been to a new coevals of Americans. ”

Ethos “The bid of Isaiah- to undo the heavy loads and allow the laden travel free. ” Juxtaposition“We are the inheritors of the revolution…” Periodic Sentence“To that universe assembly of autonomous states… we renew our pledge of support” Inversion“And so.

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my fellow Americans. . ” Metonymy“In your custodies. my fellow citizens. more so mine. will rest the concluding success of failure of our course” Antithesis“We shall back up any friend. oppose any enemy. ” Anaphora“Let both sides…” Zeugma“Now the cornet biddings again… but a call to bear the load. ” Asyndeton“We shall pay any price… oppose any for to guarantee the endurance and the success of autonomy. ” Parallelism“United there is a small we can non make in host concerted ventures divided there is small we can do…” Imperative Sentence“My fellow citizens of the world… but what together we can make for the freedom of adult male. ”

Alliteration: When JFK uses initial rhyme he creates a beat with words. which in bends will refocus the audience. Allusion: JFK makes many scriptural allusions. which refers to his Catholic religion. Anaphoras: In paragraphs 14-17 JFK starts clause with “Let both sides…” The ground why he does this is to do a clear point. Antimetable: JFK uses this to make a different sentence structure. which puts the audience into deeper idea. Antithesis: JFK uses an antithesis to demo what he stands for and what he is against ; it makes it clear as H2O to his point of position. Archaic Enunciation: Using antediluvian enunciation can appeal to the “older generation” of people. Asyndeton: JFK doesn’t usage concurrences in some of his sentences because it creates an emotional entreaty the makes the audience listens to the complete sentence. Accumulative sentence: JFK doesn’t usage this every bit much as other rhetorical devices because of the length. but it is still a really effectual tool. Exhortative sentence: exhortatory sentences are clear and direct which is perfect in a Presidential address. Imperative Sentence. These are the opposite sentences to a exhortatory 1. which is good to utilize to loosen up the audience. Inversion: When used right these can be really powerful.

Juxtaposition: Normally used to indicate out the two opposite powers. Metonymies: Not used really much in modern addresss but can frequently do the audience experience eye-to-eye with JFK. Oxymoron: JFK wrote. “But this peaceable revolution” . an oxymoron is an dry statement that some find amusing. Parallelism: Used even by high schoolers. this is an indispensable portion of ant all-around address. Periodic Sentence: The point of this is to construct up emotion until the last portion of the sentence where the chief thought sits. Personification: Gives inanimate objects human features. it builds up the intelligence of the author. Rhetorical Question: Used non merely by JFK but besides by every twenty-four hours people to give the audience something to inquiry while they listen. Zeugma: Uses the same word twice but with different significances both times.

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