Jfk Speech Analysis

12 December 2017

In watching my speech performance from last Wednesday, I believe I saw improvement in many areas. My eye contact with the audience was much better than before, my speech sounded more extemporaneous, and I seemed more enthusiastic about the subject. While many things did seem to go better this time, I believe I could tweak a couple of things to make a more straightforward, compelling speech.

I believe I did a good Job of connecting my subject matter with the audience in the introduction and conclusion), but in the middle of the speech I felt my enthusiasm waned, and I could tell I didn’t receive as much audience attention as before. In watching others’ successful speeches, I realize that those who attract attention are enthusiastic all the way through, not necessarily crazy, but with a constant energy. Also (maybe because of the location and situation of speaking), I did distracting hand gestures with my left hand.Sometimes during the speech it helped y point get across and attract attention to what I was saying, but at others it Just seemed like I was flailing about. Lastly, I thought I did a good Job of explaining bodily processes and arguments without my notes, but I felt there were too many “mums” and awkward pauses. Thus, while I feel as If I did a better Job this time of connecting with the audience and generally giving a more interesting speech, there are things I can work on for next time to Improve audience Interest.

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