Jib Fowles Advertising

3 March 2017

In the advertisement “Parliament Lights: The Perfect Recess”, I found that the three most important appeals of the advertisement are the need for affiliation, the need to escape and the need for sex. However, the one that appeals the most when looking at this advert is ultimately the need to escape. In the advert, there looks to be a couple outside a luxurious place full of wonders relaxing on the beautiful view and it looks as though they have found the perfect place to relax and escape from reality. Even the cigarette brand’s motto of “perfect recess” applies to this picture.

In terms of the way this advert appeals to the society, it is successful to throw people’s attention away from the main fact that this is a cigarette brand and health issues with smoking but unsuccessful in catching people’s attention to purchase the cigarette itself . People who look into this advertisement would honestly be thinking about how calming and soothing it would be to have a chance to escape from anything rather than looking at a pack of cigarettes and thinking about smoking. Furthermore, the advert is emphasizing too little on the cigarette because of the ratio of the ocean and place compared to the pack of cigarette.

Everything is completely blue and white and the pack of cigarette is not revealing enough to let people’s eye drift to the product. As we discussed in class, this paragraph has enormous potential, but it needs better control in terms of organization and logical development. Recast the topic sentence so it covers the argument of the paragraph, or divide this material into two paragraphs: the first would deal with the appeal to the need for escape and how this appeal functions, and the second would deal with the way this appeal is successful because of the way it directs the viewer’s attention away from the product’s health dangers.

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