Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child

9 September 2019

Explodingonto the music scene in 1967, Jimi Hendrix’s talents were instantlyapparent. At age 24, he was producing some of the most ferocious andinnovative riffs of all time. Not only a great musician but an evenbetter showman, Jimi had all the tools to become the most dominantrock-and-roll musician of all time. Unfortunately, the life of the bestelectric guitarist to ever plug into an amp was cut short in 1970.

The “Voodoo Child” collection is a masterfully puttogether shrine to Hendrix that allows generations to come together andshare his gifts.

When I purchased the two-disc set, I alreadyowned “Are You Experienced?” and “First Rays of the NewRising Sun.” I wanted to find out more about the life andinfluences of Hendrix.

This is possibly one of the best greatesthits collections of any rock performer. The set offers the best ofHendrix both in the studio and live.

Disc one is Jimi’s greateststudio hits. Tracks include masterpieces like “The Wind CriesMary” and “Hey Joe,” plus all his other big hits.

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Disc two completes the collection perfectly with an array ofJimi’s most famous live performances, such as the magic of “TheStar Spangled Banner” at Woodstock and his remake of “JohnnyB. Goode.” These two CDs are perfect for anyone’s music library,and are the best way to fully experience Hendrix.

“VoodooChild – The Jimi Hendrix Collection” has something for everyone.Whether the great riffs and musical attributes, or just the greatlanguage Hendrix used to write beautiful poems, “Voodoo Child”is a must-have for any music lover. You won’t regret buying it.

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