Jimmy Buffett

7 July 2019

What is the best way to end your summer vacation? If yousaid going to a Jimmy Buffett concert on a perfect summer night, you’re right! Iwent with a group of my closest friends, and it was the best concert I have everbeen to.

The fun actually started in the parking lot. Concert-goers andeven non-concert-goers partied there all afternoon. Cars were decorated withfins, blow-up parrot and shark toys, balloons and umbrellas, everyone barbecuedand some even played in mini-pools. The pre-show fun continued inside the gate,where singers and dancers dressed in unbelievable Jamaican costumes walked onstilts nn up and down the aisles among beach balls tossed in the air.

Abarefoot Jimmy Buffett began singing promptly at eight o’clock on a stagedecorated with bamboo huts and palm trees. Throughout the night he sang favoritessuch as “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” “Margaritaville,””Fins,” “Come Monday” and “Son of a Son of aSailor.” He also had the audience participate in a karaoke version of one ofhis songs.

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During the songs, homemade videos played on big screens andlights flashed. With only one ten-minute break, Jimmy Buffett played for morethan three hours. During his break, a taped interview played, giving the audiencea look behind the music. He spoke of the inspirations in his songs, his life andtravels.

The night was filled with so much excitement and fun, Irecommend that anyone, Buffett fans or not, go to a Jimmy Buffett concert nexttime he is in town.

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