Jimmy Needham “For Freedom”

9 September 2019

Jimmy Needham is a fresh face emerging into the growing world of Christian music. Although barely known, once you hear his soothing indie beats, he becomes impossible to forget. Songs like “I Am New” have a sitting-on-the-porch, lazy-afternoon feel. Needham writes all his own music and plays the electric and acoustic guitars. “Lost at Sea” highlights his range of talent as he experiments with an inventive form of rap.

Needham’s sound is reminiscent of Gavin DeGraw’s urban beats mixed with Jack Johnson’s mellowness. There’s rock, bluegrass, pop, rap, Christian and indie – all on one CD, combining for an innovative sound that shines. Needham is also not afraid to be honest. His blunt opinions come off as genuine because he sings like he believes every word. The entire CD is peaceful, yet upbeat. With no background singers or loud instruments, you hear his raw, unique voice on every track.

Jimmy Needham “For Freedom” Essay Example

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