Job Description

6 June 2017

Recruiting Strategies Worksheet August 26th, 2013 HRM 300 Oswego Animal Emergency Medical Hospital attends for injured or ill animals with emergency or nonemergency. Langer Christoff a veterinarian technician assists licensed Veterinarians during surgical procedures. Veterinarian technicians’ are responsible for assisting the doctor in surgery, preparing exam rooms, providing after care, trimming nails, removing stitches, grooming and providing clients with ertinent wellness information.

Oswego Animal Emergency Medical Hospital provides routine wellness check-ups and surgery for wounded or ill patients. Severely injured patients occasionally require emergency surgery immediately following the tornado disaster in Moore, Oklahoma Veterinarians and veterinarian technicians saved the lives of many critically injured animals. Proper sterilization of all medical utensils and equipment is important to avoid the risk of infections. Veterinarian technicians are equired completion of specific training required by federal and state laws.

Vet technicians ask probing questions from the clients to determine the root cause of the issue the patient is experiencing.

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Oswego Animal Emergency Medical Hospital has an electronic data processor in place to enter all medical documentation pertaining to the patient’s medical history. Medical evaluations and records include information such as temperature, weight, height, administered vaccinations, and medications uring frequent office visits.

Vet techs attend seminars and conferences to enhance knowledge to provide owners with to maintain proper wellness care to keep animals healthy. Oswego Animal Emergency Medical Hospital promotes wellness to all pet owners and offer brochures and consultations for medical conditions. Proper oral hygiene on teeth reduces the risk of future dental problems such as abscess and tooth loss. Reducing exposure to fleas and ticks with proper grooming treatments educes the risk of sores and infections.

Oswego Animal Emergency Medical Hospital performs urinalysis tests to detect heartworms and blood test to detect leukemia in a variety of animals. Job requirements include being able to properly handle and maintain control of the patient at all times to avoid harm to the worker and the patient. Maintaining clean sterile exam rooms and utensils for the Veterinarian to employees at Oswego Animal Emergency Medical Hospital (Langer Christoff, personal communication, August 22, 2013).

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