Job Design

10 October 2016

Hackman and Oldham’s job characteristics model can be used for job design to make sure organizations goals are achieved and employees are satisfied with their jobs. They propose that a satisfied employee has better performance, internal motivation, and lower absenteeism. In order to achieve this, an employee must believe his work is meaningful, he must be responsible for the outcomes, and must see the end result. They believe that using techniques such as job enlargement, job rotation, employee empowerment, and job crafting.

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Job enlargement is when the tasks and responsibilities of a job are enlarged. More tasks and responsibilities means the employees will feel more meaningful about their jobs. Job rotation is when employees switch jobs from time to time to decrease boredom and repetitiveness. This can be a huge benefit to an employer because the employees will know how to do many different jobs. The employer will have flexible employees who can be utilized in many different ways. Another technique an employer can use is employee empowerment.

This is when the employee’s opinions are listened to and they have more responsibility. This allows them to take risks and try to become innovators. Employee innovation can really increase productivity because they know their jobs the best. It also means they will be responsible for the outcomes of their innovations. Another technique is job crafting were an employee tailors their job to their strengths. This will help motivate them and will make them more productive. These are ways that the job characteristics model improves job design.

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