Job Interview Questions Essay Sample

8 August 2017

1. State me about yourself.
Many people are non comfy with this inquiry. By fixing for it. nevertheless. it could be a fantastic chance to sell yourself. Briefly discourse your instruction. work experience and personal history.


I am a alumnus of AB Mass Communication from St. Scholastica College. My academic norm when I graduated was 91. which I think is good. I had my on-the-job preparation at ABS-CBN where my supervisor gave me a really satisfactory occupation assessment. I have been working as a Communications Trainer in an English tutorial centre for two old ages. I can state that I am a competent. hardworking and responsible individual. By the manner. I am married with two childs. But I can guarantee you that I can equilibrate calling and household life.

2. Talk about your work experience.

Give a sum-up of the paid and voluntary occupations that you handled. Stress your parts to the company.

I had my on-the-job preparation at UCPB Balanga. I worked at that place as a trainee for a sum of 200 hours. I assisted in the filing of records. screening and numeration of money and replying telephone enquiries. Furthermore. I helped clients in finishing signifiers and other demands. I think. in my ain small manner. I was able to lend to UCPB. My supervisor gave me a class of 95 for my public presentation.

3. Why did you take your class?

Don’t say things like “ I have no pick “ or” I ne’er liked the class “ ( even if it’s true ) Talk about the things that you expected to derive from your class or the advantage that it will give you.

a. I chose Management because it is a really interesting and ambitious class. I knew I would derive penetrations on concern planning and proper concern direction. Now I know that I am equipped with of import constructs that I could use in my calling.

b. I chose Banking and Finance because I truly want to work in finance-related industries. I am interested to larn bank operations and minutess. It is a really ambitious class that would develop the students’ rational capableness and analytical accomplishments.

4. What is your greatest strength?
Talk about the strength you feel will hit the most points. Get down with a brief statement and give clear illustrations.


I think my greatest strength is my selling accomplishments. I am a really persuasive individual and I know how to cover good with people. In fact. when I was working as a gross revenues executive at Smart. I was able to sell 300 SIM cards in two hebdomads. Besides. when I was working as an Avon trader. I was able to sell P20. 000 worth of cosmetics in one month. In my present occupation as a call centre agent. I ever run into my monthly quota for the upselling and cross-selling of merchandises.

5. What is your greatest failing?
You don’t have to uncover the worst thing about you. Mention something that will non sound that bad: e. g. ” Sometimes. . I worry excessively much. ” Some experts advise masking a strength as a failing like being excessively self-asserting or being a perfectionist. You may besides advert a proficient failing ; e. g. ” I need to update my computing machine accomplishments. ”


One challenge that I have to face is my English proficiency. I think I have to better my ability to pass on in this linguistic communication. non merely for my calling. but besides for my personal satisfaction and assurance. I am be aftering to inscribe in a short-tern class in English. I’m certain this can assist me a batch. I am besides giving more clip to reading English magazines like Time and Newsweek.

6. What can you offer us that person else can’t?
Respond by depicting your strengths. You may besides advert a valuable or a alone experience.


My experiences and most of my qualities are alone to me. The personal and the professional experiences that I had helped me go a mature and responsible individual. For illustration. when I was working as a public wellness supplier. I had to do make with limited resources and at the same clip digest the long hours. I think these experiences helped me develop into a extremely competent nurse.

7. What is your most of import achievement?
Choose an achievement that is related to the occupation you are using for and one which the interviewer can associate to.


Well. I am proud of the fact that I was able to graduate from college with good classs although I had to work as a fast nutrient crew. I know. to some people. this is non a large trade. But to me. it is. Imagine. I had to work at Jollibee for four hours in the forenoon. taking orders and accepting payments ; so from 2:00 autopsy to 8:00 autopsy. I was a full clip college pupil. I had really limited clip to reexamine and to work on my undertakings. It was difficult ; but I was able to turn out that I can last good in physically and intellectually ambitious environments.

8. Rate yourself on a graduated table of 1 – 10
The employer is proving your self-pride. Don’t score yourself lower than seven or a perfect 10. Be ready to explicate your reply.


I would rate myself as 8. I know that there are still challenges that I have to get the better of. like bettering my computing machine accomplishments and developing my gross revenues accomplishments. I am willing to better myself through self- survey and preparation. I think. in one twelvemonth. I can be a 9.

9. What are your calling ends?
You have to go forth the feeling that you are a growth-oriented individual with realistic outlooks. Mention ends that you can accomplish through experience in the mark company.


If accepted here in PLDT. I would decidedly remain here for a long clip. and I hope to be able to lend to your corporate end. which is to go on giving first-class tele-communication services to the populace. I besides plan to prosecute a master’s grade in Business Administration.

If I’m non lucky plenty to be accepted here. I will seek other companies and make my best to be a productive and competent employee.

10. What is most of import to you in a occupation?
What do you value in a occupation ( salary. duties. working relationship. etc. ) — reference one or two points and explain.


Both salary and duties are of import to me. I would prefer a occupation that suits my competency. cognition. potencies and accomplishments. If I can make the duties good. I would hold professional satisfaction. On the other manus. a sufficient wage would give me peace of head. cognizing that I can supply good for myself and my household. Employees who have peace of head are happier and more productive.

11. Why do you desire to acquire into this field /company?
Your reply should demo your cognition of the company. Mention the positive experiences which you think you can acquire from the company and the things you think you can lend to the company.


I would wish to be a portion of a esteemed company like yours. I know that you provide first-class products/ services. Furthermore. you take attention of your people and develop them to make their fullest potencies. I think my competency and abilities are compatible to the demands of this company.

12. Why should we engage you?
This is normally asked at the terminal of the interview. Sum up your strengths. your proficient accomplishments and personal qualities that you think can hold the greatest impact on the employer.


I have a batch to offer your company: my cognition. my abilities and my positive attitude. I can easy accommodate or set to new environments. I have the aptitude to larn new accomplishments easy. I can utilize my computing machine accomplishments to problem shoot computing machine jobs. I can utilize my linguistic communication and interpersonal accomplishments to pull more clients. If hired. I would use my cognition and accomplishments to accomplish organisational ends.

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