Jock Jams Volume 4

9 September 2019

Jock Jams Volume 4A few days ago, I purchased ESPN’s “Jock Jams Volume 4” CD for my brother. Judging by the list of songs on the cover, I figured it would be good for someone who likes all different types of music. I was right: he plays it nonstop. I don’t mind listening to the music, either. If you are looking for an upbeat CD, I suggest this one.I am surprised “Jock Jams” has stayed so popular. Once albums get to volume four or five, listeners seem to lose interest. In this case, I think volume four is the most popular. I hope teens won’t be turned off by the volume number because this CD is without a doubt worth $16.95.This CD includes music from Will Smith (“Gettin’Jiggy Wit’ It”), Chumbawamba (“Tubthumping”), Backstreet Boys (“Everybody”), Salt ‘n Pepa (“Push It”) and Mase/Puff Daddy/BIG (“Mo Money, Mo Problems”). In between some songs, cheerleaders do cheers. The songs are upbeat which makes it easy to dance or cheer to. Whether you are practicing the latest dance moves or just listening to some good music, this is a good choice.I was disappointed with some of the songs. “Raise The Roof” consisted of the same three words repeated over and over. The other song I disliked was “Mueve La Cadera.” The “Jock Jams Volume 4” is a good investment. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as my brother..

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