Joey de Belen

1 January 2017

The dilemma of Mr. Joey de Belen to be backed to work or not for the reason that he already received threat. The full implementation of their action plans to address their operational problems as well as its manpower problem. Objective: To have an effective way of handling operational & administrative problems on Mr. Joey de Belen’s area of responsibility. Areas of consideration: 1. Mr. de Belen’s plans & programs were already in place. There was already a positive result when it comes to its effectiveness.

The management has a go-signal to Mr. de Belen for the implementation, review & assessment on the problem. In other words, he can implement whatever he wants just to make its operations in good shape. Alternative Courses of Action: 1. Mr. de Belen must make a report & recommend terminating some personnel under him. – Mr. de Belen can have a direct help from the management considering that he already received threat from his colleague and make a final recommendation to fire some personnel under him. 2. Mr. e Belen must come back to his work and face the problem for his own good and for the people under him. – Joey must come back to his work and set an emergency meeting of his staff. He must evaluate further the effectiveness of his programs and also consider the side of his people considering the people are de-motivated because of their financial status. Based on the Ex. 3, there was some error of their schedule. On the afternoon shift, there was no assigned driver and they are required to dispose some waste on the afternoon.

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