John C. Calhoun

4 April 2015
This essay looks at the life of American southerner, John C. Calhoun, proponent of slavery for the purpose of economic stability.

This paper presents a look at John C. Calhoun, controversial Southern politician, and his political views on slavery. The author explores several of his speeches as well as his life to explain where he came from and how he became such a controversial politician. The paper explains his reasons for encouraging the continuation of slavery in the South.
“Throughout American history there have been many people who had had an influence in the course the nation took. John C. Calhoun was one such individual. He was a man who rose to great heights in the political arena and was well known for his controversial views on many issues, Holst, 2001. He was the champion for the south when it came to the issue of slavery and he spoke loud and clear when it came to representing what it was his constituents wanted done about it. Calhoun was a man who was bright, ambitious and goal oriented. He spent his life working for what he believed in. Whether we agree or disagree with his actual views we are hard pressed to say he did not try.”

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