John Cena “You Can’t See Me”

9 September 2019

“Yeah boy, yeah,” is Flava Flav’s oft-quoted catchphrase, but the one people should be repeating is, “You can’t see me.” This is the famous line of wrestler-turned-rapper John Cena. Hailing from Massachusetts, Cena became a wrestler in 2001 and has been at the top ever since. He is all that and a bag of potato chips in wrestling, but Cena is also da bomb at something else: rap.

I bought Cena’s CD because it had his entrance music on it. When I finished listening, I explored the rest and was surprised at what I heard. It was a pleasant surprise, as I wasn’t expecting his songs to be good. It felt like digging for treasure and finding tons of gold every time I listened to a new song.

John Cena “You Can’t See Me” Essay Example

I like that Cena writes his own lyrics since most rappers just use others’ lyrics. When you sing your own, it sounds a lot better because it is coming from your heart. I also like that Cena brings in his rapper cousin, Tha Trademarc, to help. Together they make the songs flow nicely. These two are even better than 50 Cent and The Game because they have a bond and sound like one person when they sing.

Cena started his rap career in the WWE. On a bus ride, when everyone was into hip-hop, the wrestlers were free styling and having a good time. Cena started to free style, and the creative team heard him and thought this should be his storyline while wrestling.

A few years later, Cena wanted to get a CD out there to show that he could rap as well as anyone. I think he did a great job, but there is one problem: the stereotype that athletes are only good at sports. Most of the time that is true, as evidenced by Shaq and his CD, or when Hulk Hogan made a CD which became the stereotype for wrestlers. But you have to try Cena’s CD and forget the stereotype. See how amazing this dude can rap. If you like it, give him the respect he deserves and walk up to any opposing rapper and say, “You can’t see me.”

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