John F Kennedy Outline

5 May 2017

I. Intro A. Few Presidents compare in life… and none in death. Everyone knows John F. Kennedy as the 35th President of the United States, the youngest president and one of few presidents that was assassend. But why was JFK so important what has he done for us? B. From his service in the military to his life as president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy has affected America as we know it. II. John F. Kennedy A. Background 1) JFK was born on May 29 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. His Father Joseph P. Kennedy was a self made Millionaire who headed the Securities and Exchange Commission under our 32nd president Franklin D. Roosevelt. ) He is Roman Catholic (the only president to be) 3) John or “Jack” as called as a kid was always sick. He enrolled at Princeton but had to drop out a year later from a sickness and later go to Harvard. 4) Entered the military in 1941 and severed in the navy during WW2 where the Japs hit his boat and he led survivors to safety. B. JFK as president 1) “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” 2) Became President in 1961 3) The youngest man ever to be elected President 4) First Roman Catholic ever elected in to office. 5) Voiced the then “crazy” idea of sending man to the moon. ) President Kennedy shot and killed Nov. 22 in Dallas, TX. C. Achievements/Awards 1) Navy and Marine Corps Medal 2) Purple Heart 3) American campaign medal 4) American Defense Service Medal 5) WW2 victory medal 6) Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with 3 bronze stars 7) Won the presidential race against Nixon 8) After JFK was assassinated Eisenhower named the launch operations center The Kennedy Space Center in honor of JFK. 9) Man makes it to the moon something that JFK had said we would do. III. Body A. JFK got American minds thinking had he not said that Man would someday go to the moon no one would have started really trying to get there.

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