John Marshall Essay

1 January 2018

From a young age, he was noted for his good humor and black eyes, which were “strong and integrating, beaming with intelligence and good nature. Thomas Marshall was employed by Lord Fairfax. Known as “the Proprietor”, Fairfax provided Thomas Marshall with a substantial income as his lordship’s agent in Figurer County.

Marshal’s job Was to survey the tract, assist in finding people to settle and collect rents. In the early asses, the Marshall family left Germantown and moved thirty miles to Leeds Manor on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge.Marshal’s early education was superintended by his father who gave him an early taste for story and poetry. Thomas Marshal’s employer, Lord Fairfax, allowed access to his home at Greenery Court, which was an exceptional center of learning and culture. Marshall took advantage of the resources at Greenery Court and borrowed freely from the extensive collection of classical and contemporary literature. There were no schools in the region at the time, so home schooling was pursued. Although books were a rarity for most in the territory, Thomas Marshal’s library was exceptional.

John Marshall Essay Essay Example

His collection of literature, some of which as borrowed from Lord Fairfax, was relatively substantial and included works by Live, Horace, Pope, Dryden, Milton, and Shakespeare. All of the Marshall children were accomplished, literate, and self-educated under their parents’ supervision. At the age of twelve John had transcribed Alexander Pope’s An Essay on Man and some of his moral essays. There being no formal school in Figurer County at the time, John was sent, at age fourteen, about one hundred miles from home to the Academy of Reverend in Washington parish.Marshall served in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and was friends with George Washington. He served first as a Lieutenant in the Sculpture Minute Men from 1775 to 1 776, then as a itinerant in the Eleventh Virginia Continental Regiment from 1 776 to 1780. In 1 782, Marshall won a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, in which he served until 1 789 and again from 1 795 to 1796.

The Virginia General Assembly elected him to serve on the Council Of State later in the same year. In 1 785, Marshall took up the additional office of Recorder of the Richmond City Hastings Court.In 1 788, Marshall was selected as a delegate to the Virginia convention responsible for ratifying or rejecting the United States Constitution, which had been proposed by the Philadelphia Convention a year earlier. Together with James Madison and Edmund Randolph, Marshall led the fight for ratification. He was especially active in defense of Article Ill, which provides for the Federal judiciary. His most prominent opponent at the ratification convention was Anti-Federalist leader Patrick Henry. Ultimately, the convention approved the Constitution by a vote of 89-79.

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