John Marshall

1 January 2018

Marshal’s thirst for political knowledge at an early age, his contribution the judicial system, and dedication to political reform make him one of the most influential figures in American history. Early Life John Marshall, one of fifteen children, was born on September 24, 1755 in a log cabin in rural Germantown, Virginia. His parents were Thomas and Mary Marshall, who had significant status among the citizens of Germantown.

Although Marshal’s parents were not formally educated, they ensured their children had a good, quality education. Marshall was homesteaded and often supplemented his reading from books in George Washington’s library.Marshal’s father and George Washington worked together as surveyors and became close friends. Washington would later become one of Marshal’s greatest heroes. Desiring their son to become a leaver, Thomas and Mary sent Marshall to William and Mary College where he spent several weeks listening to George Withy’s lectures on law, which was Marshal’s only means of formal education. At the age of 25, Marshall left William and Mary College and pursued a lawyer’s position in Germantown, where he later met and married his wife of 49 years, Mary Willis Ambler. Together, they had ten children, with only six living to see adulthood (McGill, 2005).

John Marshall Essay Example

Chief Justice Chief Justice John Marshall served in the Supreme Court from 1801-1835. He was the fourth Chief Justice appointed by President John Adams (Smith, 1996). Marshall was known as one of the greatest chief justices in judicial history. While head of court, Marshall helped establish foundations for the Supreme Court and the constitutional supremacy. Alexander M. Bicker, a sophisticated, constitutional scholar stated that John Marshall was one Of the greatest justices due to his decision in the Mammary v. Madison case.

Although Marshall is known for many other cases throughout judicial history, including McCullough v.Maryland, Cone’s v. Virginia, and Gibbons v. Edge, the high profile case, Mammary v. Madison, became one of Marshal’s most significant cases and one that established him as one of the greatest supreme court justices who ever lived (Wood, 1997). Mammary V. Madison In Mammary V.

Madison, Marshall worked the Judiciary claim to apply the law of the constitution exactly the way that courts interpret common law and statues in their role of legal disputes. Marshall was Instrumental in laying own the foundation for the rise of the Judiciary. Their goal was to make the Judiciary as one of the top three capital powers of the government.Marshall stated that the constitution was “a rule for the government of courts, as well as of his legislature”. As he made the issue known, judges could not ignore it. They were duty bound to enforce it by disallowing laws offensive to the constitution. At the time, many Americans had no trouble thinking of constitutions as law but not the kind of law that would be operated in the court system, button Marshall stated towards the court system, by applying is methods of statutory interpretation to the constitution, he legalized it.

He made it amenable to routine exposition and makes it happen.Marshall knew the Judiciary system would always be one of the weakest branches; its effectiveness depended on gaining the agreements of the legislative, executive branches, and of the people. The power that the Supreme Court would enjoy is the ability to persuade the people. Marshall was perfect for the job, and he greatly enhanced that power by his ability of persuasions. The American’s didn’t know anything about the constitution, but Marshall enhanced the knowledge pertaining to the constitution (Hobnobs, 2002). It is no doubt that John Marshall has made tremendous contributions to the judicial system.His thirst for knowledge at a young age and his political leadership has provided significant contributions to political society.

It has been over two-hundred years since Marshal’s appointment; however, the Supreme Court still continues to honor him and his works. Marshall left a legacy that will be admired and written about by political generations to come. Through his works, Marshall helped define our country to what it is today as supported by political author, Jean Edward Smith who stated, “if George Washington found the country, John Marshall defined it” (Smith, 1996).

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