john mayer by john mayer

9 September 2019

The soothing emotional words being said kind of blues and soft rock being let out in one big flow of words. The calming of the voice being heard the way it makes you reflect and relate to your life almost as if he can see what is going on in your life… but he can’t. Its demonstrating that even famous musicians still go through normal people experiences the focus and love for the music he is playing how he gets emotional and in to his music at concerts or on a recording studio it’s all real. He incorporates his love life in his words and his everyday life and sets goals only he can achieve. Songs like “slow dancing in a burning room” or “I don’t trust myself with loving you” he’s explaining his emotions through songs and impressing the world with every song he writes. Who is this talented song writer? John Mayer of course.

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john mayer by john mayer
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Going on 37 years old on October 16th he still continues to pursue his music career. I think what everyone loves about him is his drive and the fact that he writes what he wants no one writes his music for him, and when he finally shows the world his new music there astonished with his words and sound cause no songs the same. If you ever experience a concert you will realize how he gets into his music and the words hit him emotionally and mentally. John Mayer is an inspiration to many people and helps keep get people going. So next time you’re looking for something soothing and heartfelt to listen to give him a try.

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