Johnny Flynn –

8 August 2019

Johnny Flynn, property of the U.K., crafts a custom-tailored debut out of 2008’s delivered “A Larum”. Bits and pieces of acoustic guitar intermingled with haphazard violins, cellos, and even spoons rustle up the first full-length LP of the London-based folk rock band.
Opening with “All the Dogs Are Lying Down”, Flynn’s soft but gripping vocals steer onto the less travelled road of his genre by making simple words and mediums into burly, artistic verses. Delicate, wooden visuals created by the track successfully ignite a quiet addiction to proceed into further depths of the compilation.
Blends of sliced violins and acoustic jams in “The Box” and the rough strums of “Cold Bread” both earn kudos from nearly all members of the folk genus. A team of coffee house melodies such as “Brown Trout Blues” and “The Wrote

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