Jonas Brothers

8 August 2019

The Jonas Brothers are a hott young band that have the girls screaming. Why are theses boys so popular with the girls. Well it’s simple thay have amazing singing voices. The band are brother with the name Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. The have to cd two cds out. The first, one is called “It’s About Time” and the second one is call “Jonas Brothers”. The boys became a hit in late 2005 and now are one of the most popular boy bands on the planet. So of the Jonas Brothers songs are “Year 3000″, When You Look Me In The Eyes”, “S.O.S.”, “hat’s Just The Way We Roll” and “Mandy”. On June 30th 2008 the boys with be in the Disney Channel moive “Camp Rock”. Also, they have a show coming out somtime in 2008 called “J.O.N.A.S”. I rate the Jonas Brothers perfect 10.

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