Jonas Brothers

8 August 2019

The Jonas Brother a rock band. The meber are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. There music is song that thay have ritten. Some of there song are “Year 3000”, “When You Look Me In The Eyes”, “Hold On”, “Mandy, “Please Be Mine” and “S.O.S”. Thay all ready have to cd out. The Jonas Brother have girls of all ages going crazy. Right now the boys are on tour doing concerts. Thay have an upcoming movie call “Camp Rock” coming to Disney Channel on June 20. Also the Jonas Brothers have a new show also I Disney Channel called “J.O.N.A.S.”. The boys became popular in late 2005 and ever since than thay have been a big hit. Thay have guesed stared on “Hannah Montana”. I think tahy are one of the best bands out there with clean music thay kids and adults can enjoy. I rate the boys a pefect 10.

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