Jonas Brothers

10 October 2019

The Jonas Brothers have been around the world playing for their millions of fans. The Jonas Brothers perform pop rock music. JB aren’t like other bands. They are very young and they write their own music unlike most other bands.

My favorite Jonas Brother is Nick Jonas. He is very sweet, shy, and mature for a sixteen year old. He is a good role model for little kids.

Jonas Brothers Essay Example

The popular songs of the Jonas Brothers are ‘Burning Up’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Love Bug’, and ‘A Little Bit Longer.

‘Tonight’ is the theme song for their new movie ‘Jonas Brothers The 3D Concert Experience’. ‘Burning Up’ is very popular because they play it at all their concerts because it’s the name of their last tour. ‘Love Bug’ is played at most of the shows they guest starred on like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and the ‘Thanksgiving Day Football Game’. ‘A Little Bit longer’ is the name of their latest album and is a song about Nick’s diabetes and how he struggles every day to keep himself healthy and tries to reassure himself.

‘Burning Up’ is my favorite song because I like the beat and the lyrics are kind of weird but they are about the difficulties that they go through. But they keep trying to keep themselves up.

The Jonas Brothers Choice in vocals and instruments is very interesting because, they don’t make their songs sound the same by using the same instruments. Also all of their songs have meaning to t hem like their life experiences.

I recommend the Jonas Brothers to anyone from the age of four to sixteen because Nick, Joe, and Kevin are great role models for teens, toddlers, and children.

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