Journal Article for Speech Class

12 December 2017

Your vocal presentation is very important when delivering a speech. Vocal delivery includes rate, volume, and pitch. Vocal delivery helps us engage and interest the audience and it ensures that our ideas are communicated clearly.

Rate of speaking is how fast or slow you speak. The rate of speaking should be in middle as speaking too fast the audience will not absorb all information and speaking too slow will lose audience attention. To control rate of speaking one should practice your speech and can also include reminders to “slow down” on your speaking outline. Volume is how loud or soft your voice is.While giving a speech your volume should be in middle range as loud volume is considered as overbearing or annoying and soft volume is judged as too gentle. Pitch refers to how high or low a speaker’s voice is. Our pitch goes up when we are discussing something exciting and it goes down when we are discussing something serious.

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In my opinion the article Vocal Delivery seemed very helpful. It discussed some of the key points that are very important during your presentation. The article provides some guidelines to control three main components of vocal delivery: rate, volume, and pitch. This article would be helpful to new speakers.Overall, I would encourage people to read the article and apply some techniques in their presentation. When I present, my rate of speaking is too fast. That tends to happen as I become nervous and stage fright.

After reading this article, I would try to practice speaking slow when I practice and put reminders In my outline. I also tend to be very enthusiastic about my topic, which I would also control by more practice (possibly in front of critics). Lastly, I would Just stay calm and speak confidently.

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