This is a Journal peer-reviewed and covers conceptualized care in nursing homes. It explains the outside conditions that are around the direct care workers who influence the work environments. The dynamics between workers and the residents are described to get an overview of the conditions. Kane, R. L. , Granary, J. , Okay, C. L. , Radicchio, D. M. Buchanan, J. L. McDermott, S.

Does the care dependency of nursing home residents influence their health-related laity of life? A Cross-sectional Study. Health & Quality of Life Outcomes This academic Journal is peer-reviewed and is about how nurses are about making the best quality of life for residents. It also has graphs that help support the information collected from demographics. This Journal did a study on health-related quality of life (HORROR). Something that is important to have positive control over in a long-term facility. Tools. M. (2012). Improving Care Transitions in Nursing Homes. Generations, 36(4), 78.

The Journal is covering effective care transition and making patients’ stays shorter with greater health acuity. The information gathered from nursing homes is put into a chart, graph, and a figure that represents steps for strategies. This Journal is also with the support of John A. Hartsfield Foundation. Grosbeaks, D. C. , & Town, R. J. (2011). Does information matter? Competition, Quality and the Impact of Nursing.

The Journal is “evaluating the effects of the Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NIGH)” (Grosbeaks, Town, 2011 peg. 1698). There is a table of statistics that help verify information. Having, A. , Staged, A. , Shushes, L. , & Remorse, T. (2011). Leadership, Staffing and Quality of Care in Nursing Homes. BMW Health services Research, 11327. Dot: 10. 1186/1472-6963-11-327 This is a Journal that is a study that examines the leaders’ tasks and the care. The study is important to the care of residents. Making sure there is structure. There are charts also to help define the statistics.

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