5 May 2017

Maggie, which was one of the daughters, was describing a skinny, dark black girl that was shy with low self esteem. An accident (house fire) causes her to feel, like she was not pretty, worthy to be on the earth. Her mother felt that she wish that she was in her sister shoes and was Jealous and enw of her (Walker pg 460). Dee, on the hand was very educate, who was out going, had black hair, and was full fgure light black woman. She had great self-esteem and felt she could do anything she put her mind to.

Dee changed her name to Wangero. She did not let the way she had grown up determine, how she would end up. In the Cathedral, this dealt with mood. In this story there was a blind man by the name of Robert, the narrator was never name, but the blind man called name him Bub. The wife and Robert had a unique relationship and they understood each other. They were also best friends. She had helped him become the person he was. Bub did not understand their relationship. Nor did he want to, matter of fact, he was very ealous and mean.

Journal Essay Example

Robert, end up showing him what life about and opens his eyes to whole new world. In conclusion, all these stories have one thing or two in common. They all deal with mood on how the character may have felt. Tone, how the reader may have read the story. Characterizations, on the different type of character in the story, how they are describe and act. And symbolism, on if the story have a different meaning or do the author want you to think that. Falls Journal 2 By tawan30

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