Journey Of Man Reflection

8 August 2016

As the title says, this movie is about the journey of man. Something incredible is that we all come from the same ancestors no matter what race we are. It informs every one of us of our beginnings and links us all as one people. Blood is the time machine that can reunite people with our ancestors. I was very impressed with Spencer’s convictions that an in-depth analysis of various peoples DNA around the world would test his hypothesis that mankind began in Africa. This study reveals that science is far ahead of most of us.

Spencer took his mentor’s lead in tracing the history of human migrations by genetic variation. Rather than using mitochondrial DNA which is inherited only from the mother’s lines, Wells studies changes on the Y chromosome which is inherited from the father to the son. By comparing the Y chromosomes of men in many distant populations, he and his colleagues have put together a “family tree,” that shows when different branches of the human family diverged from each other and where they went in the world.

Journey Of Man Reflection Essay Example

Though mitochondrial DNA can be useful, it does not contain enough genetic information to allow for statistically significant data for analysis. Spencer recreates the journey of modern Homo sapiens out of Africa approximately 60,000 years ago and retraces the paths taken various groups into India, Australia, Central Asia, Siberia, Europe, and America. We stayed in Africa as humans for generations, then around 40,000 years ago, we propelled because of weather changes, and we started our travels around the world.

Although we faced many difficulties throughout this journey and scavenged for food and lost many people, we managed to popular the world while doing all of this and I think that is incredible. I found this movie very insightful and I learned many new things about our ancestors and I enjoyed watching Spencer’s journey to find this all out. He really went all out and he found answers.

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