Journey Through the Waves : an Analysis of the Poem Fisherman ‘ by Kurt Brown

9 September 2016

Analysis of a potery metaphor Journey through the Waves : An Analysis of the Poem Fisherman ‘ by Kurt Brown [Thesis Statement] The poem Fisherman ‘ by Kurt Brown is a figurative writing of one person ‘s journey towards self discovery and self acceptance . Also , it is an optimistic poem that speaks of hope and persistence . Here , metaphorical phrases are used to convey the thoughts and emotions of the writer .

In addition , the chosen metaphors are meant to guide through the emotions and to give the readers a feel of the all the hope , pain , confusion , and persistence of the poetry ‘s writer In this poem , life is compared to the act of fishing . The journey that a person makes is represented by the fisherman ‘s daily work . In the same way that a fisherman hopes to catch a big fish everytime he goes out into the sea , the poem represents a person ‘s hope to find something great within him .

Moreover , the poem hints of the many things that keep the fisherman from having a good catch . The competition with other fisherman , locating something in the wrong place , and the storm that may come unexpected are some of the things that keep the fisherman from catching the big fish in the sea The overall message of the poetry conveys a sense of optimism . However just like in other good poems , the lines are able to communicate their own emotions .

More importantly , their thoughts add up to transcend the writing into a poetry that speaks of life and the everyday journey of each person The poem is opened up by the line A man spends his whole life fishing in himself for something grand (Brown . This first line suggests that life is a continuous journey of self discovery . The term fishing ‘ is used here to represent the writer ‘s act of trying to find something big and useful within . Just like in fishing , a man prepares his bait , waits patiently and all throughout , hopes to catch a big fish .

In this case the fish to be caught represents the achievements that a person hopes to attain . Also , the line implies that the person knows that he has the potential to be big and to do something grand and thus , he lives his life in such a way that he will be able to deliver his grandness the moment he finds it In the line , It ‘s like some lost lunker , big enough to break all records , the writer Brown portrays the hope to achieve something that will surpass the achievements of other people is represented .

Here , the person ‘s optimism is portrayed as he wishes to be better that the rest and to be the best that he can be . Also , the term lost lunker suggests that the person is not solitary in searching for the big fish but rather , he is just one of the many who are all hoping to find greatness and big achievements Brown begins to introduce doubts in the lines , He ‘s only..

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