Journey to Cox Bazar

6 June 2017

Journey to Cox’s Bazar Journey is always pleasure to all. A successful and happy life cannot be imagined without making any Journey during holidays. Therefore, with a view to making life successful and fruitful one should make any Journey during one’s holiday. A Journey means to go or vlslt one place to another place alone or with groups. There are different types of journey all over the world. Such as; Bus journey, train journey, plane Journey, boat Journey and rickshaw Journey. Different types of people like different Journey. But I like Journey by bus very much.

During the last vacation I gained an opportunity to attend a Journey with my friends. It was the last movement of March. We had completed our MldTerm exam. After completing our MldTerm examination we got a short vacation. On that vacation our friends arranged a picnic. They selected the Cox’s Bazar for the picnic spot.

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Cors Bazar is very far from Dhaka city. So we went there by bus. It was a long Journey by bus In my life. Cox’s Bazar Is very far from Dhaka so; we started our Journey at 7 0’clock. All of us took their essential elements. I also took my essential elements.

We took small breakfast and got on the bus in time. The scenery of the day was very fine. So, there was no problem to make our Journey. At 7 am the bus started the Journey. I sat down beside the window. When the bus were running at the Cors Bazar I saw different sceneries on the way. When the buses running towards the Cox’s Bazar I thought trees, houses, green fields and other things were coming towards us. At 2:30 pm we reached at Chittagong city. As it was Friday, so the roads were free from traffic Jam. When we crossed the city our buses were stopped to eat our lunch.

Our buses were stopped beside of a restaurant. At that urne we were very hungry and also tired. My friends and I sat down on a table. At first we washed our face and then we started our lunch. The foods item of the restaurant were vary delicious. So we ate our lunch deliciously. After completing our lunch we took a small rest and after sometimes later we got on the buses. Then our buses started their Journey again. At 7 0’clock we reached the Cox’s Bazar. It was a moon lit night and everything looked very nice to us. At night we stayed in a hotel.

The hotel was ten stored building. We stayed on the 4th floor. The decoration of the hotel was very beautiful. We stayed in a large room. That night we were very happy and excited. At 10 0’clock we ate our supper In our hotel. The whole night we passed our time by gossiping. The night I could not sleep. The next morning we woke up early in the morning and we went to the beach. Our hotel was situated near the beach. So we went there on foot. We went to the beach to see the scenery of the sun rises. The scenery of the sun rises was very charming and very enjoyable.

We enjoyed the scenery very much. At that time different types of people crowded there to see the scenery of the sun rises. After sometimes we started walking. About one an hour we walked the beach of the sea. After completing our walking we took a small rest. Then we bought a football and arranged a friendly football match. After completing our match we went to a restaurant to eat our breakfast. The foods Item of the restaurant was very tasty and delicious. At 2 ffclock we took our bath. About an 1 OF2 hotel and ate our lunch. Then we took a small rest.

At 5 pm my friends and I went to the beach to see the sun set. The beach was crowded by the people. We collected many photos of my friends and mine. We were eagerly waited to see the scenery of sun set. The scenery of the sun sets was very charming and very enjoyable. We started our Journey back to Dhaka . At 6 0’clock I reached Dhaka. Really the Journey was very enjoyable. These days and these events were really memorable days in my life. I cannot forget the Journey. When I remember the Journey and the events it gives me much pleasure.

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