Judgement Night Soundtrack

7 July 2019

“Judgment Night” soundtrack For all you people who have diverse and different musical tastes, I have found the tape for you. Punk, rap, heavy metal, and college music are represented on the “Judgment Night” soundtrack, making it a virtual plethora of distinct musical talent. Every cut on this album mixes a rap artist with an artist of heavy metal, punk, or college music. For the hard-core headbangers, we have the always hard-core thrash band Slayer teaming up with Ice-T on the cut “Disorder.” This song sounds just like a track from Ice-T’s “Body Count” album. I personally don’t like Slayer or the way Ice-T raps so I don’t like this song. It was also way too heavy for me. The guitars go 100 miles an hour and everyone screams instead of singing. For the many lovers of college music, there are two very mellow songs on this tape. Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth combine on “I Love You Mary Jane,” and De La Soul and Teenage Fan Club get together on “Fallin.” Both these songs have that funky feeling to them. The two punk rock songs are represented by House of Pain and Helmet on “Just Another Victim” and by The Booya T.r.i.b.e. and Faith No More on “Another Body Murdered.” These are my two favorite songs on this album. The bands tastefully combine hardcore rap lyrics with good guitar licks and drum beats. The rhythm is very good and makes them the best songs to mosh to on this tape. The only other exceptional songs on this tape are the Cypress Hill and Pearl Jam track “The Real Thing” and the Del the Funky Homosapien and Dinosaur Jr. song “Missing Link.” These songs complement the bands’ talent really well. “Missing Link” mixes a mellow voice with a biting guitar riff. The rest of the songs, Onyx and Biohazard on “Judgment Night,” Sir Mix A-Lot and Mudhoney on “Freak Mama,” Fatal and Therapy on “Come and Die,” and Run DMC and Living Colour on “Me, Myself, and My Microphone,” are, at the very best, mediocre. All in all I felt that this was a very good tape with a little something for everyone. I highly recommend you buy it. . Review by J. H., Houlton, ME

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