Judy Baca’s Art for Peace

6 June 2017

Making connections: Judy Baca’s Art for Peace. Change: According to Baca, “Adversity breeds a certain kind of strength” Do you agree? Give an example to support your opinion. Is it really true that what does not kill you makes you stronger? I do believe so. Maybe when people face a problem it does not makes too much sense in the near future, however it will do.

The story that Baca’s grandmother told her when she was a girl is an example of how sometimes people is not able to overcome problems, nevertheless this does not implies that this happens all the time. It is common to appreciate how people become pessimist and often depressive when adversity meet their lives. According to Seery (2011) “… some theory and empirical evidence suggest that the experience of facing difficulties can also promote benefits in the form of greater propensity for resilience when dealing with subsequent stressful situations.

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” (p. 90) Mark Seery carried a study in which followed 2,398 subjects for a span of three years, he found that there is a balance of adverse life experiences: some adversity seems to make us stronger than those with a life of either no adverse life experiences or many serious struggles. The study concluded that those people who had experienced a lot of adversity had poorer outcomes, on average, than people who reported no history of adversity – they were more depressed and anxious, were less satisfied with their lives, and were more likely to have physical or emotional problems that interfered with their ability to work and socialize.

Every day, all the time we meet or we know stories of people who had to endure physical abuse, who was exposed to homelessness, or those who had faced natural disaster of physical limitations. A well-known story is the Nick VuJicic’s story. He was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He was born without limbs. By the age of eight he was already depressed and by the age often he decided to end his life by drowning himself in a bathtub.

After a couple attempts, he realized that he did not want to leave his loved ones with the burden and guilt that would result from his suicide. He had spoken on motivational topics after creating the company, attitude is altitude. He also launched a non-profit ministry, life without limbs, to spread his messages of faith and hope around the world. Finally, seems like Nietzche was right, what does not kill you makes you stronger. No matter what type of difficulties a erson could have face, always we have the chance of learning of them and breed strength.

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