Juice Bar and Boost Juice

1 January 2017

Channels differentiation is their expertise and performance in their field. An advantage in people differentiation is when a particular business will employ only the best people fitted for the job, who may be trained particularly for that role in order to efficiently set out their duties and image differentiation is when a company will set themselves apart with for example, a logo or a slogan so consumers will recognize such and know that brand name. Boost Juice Vibe club card, image, Boost Juice, viewed 5 April 2012, < http://www. oostjuice. com. au/vibe>. Boost Juice Vibe club card, image, Boost Juice, viewed 5 April 2012, < http://www. boostjuice. com. au/vibe>. Through product differentiation, Boost have been able to set themselves apart from the competition with their healthy products with fresh fruits and vegetables in their drinks. By doing so Boost have been able to target the healthy conscious consumers as well as those who are trying to be healthier. Using the fresh produce it also provides consumers with daily nutritional intake but with a great taste.

With all this freshness Boost are still able to compete with brands such as Easyway with their prices being roughly the same. Boost Juice has differentiated through their services by the use of taking people’s names with their orders to make it a much more friendlier environment. Boost is also able to channel their services to fit each customer with their specific orders. With people differentiation Boost hires many young employees around their late teens to twenties in order for a more friendly and relaxed surrounding. With image differentiation, Boost is well known for their right green Styrofoam cups. The colour green also links them to the fresh quality of their products. Using these differentiation variables, Boost is able to have a competitive advantage over its competitors in the market, providing great service with their freshness all packed into their well-known green cups. The six major forces in the company’s macroenvironment are: * Demographic * Economic * Natural * Technological * Political * Cultural The factors that may affect Boost Juice are demographic, economic, and natural.

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The demographic environment is the human population and changes in this area can affect Boost through its target market. Boost Juice bars are usually located in shopping centres, which will attract all different kinds of people. A lot of Boosts consumers tend to be the younger adults who spend a lot of their time in shopping centres. It is a comparative advantage that Boost Juice has in their location, choosing a widely populated area such a shopping centre where lots of people go instead of on a strip of street where less people will go.

Consumers look at the convenience of a shopping centre to be able to purchase all their needs and wants in one place. The economic environment involves the powers that will affect consumers and their choice to purchase and spend. The recent recession saw that consumers were more restricted on their spending behavior, cutting back on goods that were seen as unnecessary. Another factor is income; people who earn more are more likely to spend more so the working sector will be attracted to Boost as they have the spending power to indulge in a healthy drink.

Changes in economic factors such as interest rates will also play a role in Boost’s successfulness in the market. If interest rates rise, households will need to set aside more money to pay of their debts and will spend less of wants. Consumers will rather save money and not spend it on Boost Juice drinks and instead drink water instead. So negative impacts on the economy will affect Boost Juice and their business. The natural environment includes the natural resources that will affect the businesses supplies.

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