Caesar. In the play about Julius Caesar, Caesar gives a “north star” speech at the capitol. Which shows how constant and how established Caesar is like the north star. The speech shows that Caesar can put his foot down and is not a bandwagoner like the people of Rome, and the conspirators as people who do not take anything under consideration. With this speech, Caesar seals his fate because he knows he will die. Bandwagoners are people who Just follow other people and do what they are told o do.

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They dont take their oplnlon under consideration. Caesar on the other hand will not Just follow people orders and convinced so easily about things he should and shouldn’t do. As wise as Caesar he knows what will happen which is why the fake will is written. The Faction thinks they have won but as Caesar planned he knew what would all happen. He puts his foot down, and by the end nothing had gone the way the Faction had wanted it too.

With Caesar as constant and established he thinks very highly of himself which shows that he can control many things because he believes In himself. Not staying home like his wife wanted to, his seizures which make people believe he Is a god, and taking the crown after three times of saying no show that he is great full and worthy to the people much like the north star because it is so constant. The conspirators are very much like the people.

Not taking nything under consideration, and not thinking things over before they do something shows they are just like the people. The people are bandwagoners and in the acts of the conspirators it shows they are Just as much of a bandwagoner as the people but Just not as believable Ilke they would be. Being constant and established, being able to put his foot down unlike the bandwagoners In Rome, and takes things under consideration shows how some people feel about Caesars speech about the north star.

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