Jump, Little Children – Magazine

12 December 2019

Radio airplay is no measure oftalent. If it were, Jump, Little Children would not be thebest band you’ve never heard – they’d be the best band youhave blasting 24-7. Although they’ve become extremely populararound their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina and havean extraordinary underground following throughout the South,they remain largely unknown in most of thecountry. Jump, Little Children defies description.Besides “amazing,” “incredible” and a slewof other adjectives: unique, talented, fun, powerful,magnetic, down-to-earth, sexy and versatile, it’s difficult topinpoint their music. It’s rock, tinged with blues and Irishfolk, with an overall feeling that refuses to be categorized,and demands simply to be heard. Their firstmajor-label release, “Maga-zine” (previousrecordings “Licorice Tea Demos” and “BuzzEP” are currently out of production) is amazinglyeclectic. On “Magazine,” Jump, Little Children moveseamlessly from rockin’ tracks to achingly beautiful balladsto sexy grooves, and everywhere in between. The fivemembers incorporate a variety of nonstandard instruments,including the standup bass, cello, accordion, mandolin, slidewhistle, harmonium, timpani and a kitchen sink. Theirclassically trained musicianship is apparent throughout andthe harmonies are masterful. Guitarist Jay Clifford’s voice isrichly emotive, especially on “Cathedrals,” whilethe growl of Matthew Bivins on “Habit” and”Body Parts” is sexy. To appreciate Jump,Little Children, however, you have to see them perform live.They are one of the most mesmerizing acts of all time. I’vebeen to many good concerts, but when I saw Jump, LittleChildren, I actually cried tears of awestruck joy. How manybands can you say that about?

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