Just a Few Thoughts

1 January 2019

Think. Think. Think. An essay? Hmm… But what to write abou- A play! Down the field, they cross the ball, and ohh, I call it offside. What a drag. I really should pay better attention, but being the assistant referee on the sidelines of an under tens girl’s game when red is up by six.

.. Impossible. It would be a wiser use of time to daydream…What. To. Write? “I like science,” + twelve years of school (four particularly dedicated to forming eloquent sentences) —-yields—> “I have become well-versed in many areas of study, however chemistry has peaked my interest unlike anything before.” No.

Shut up. Lots of people like science. Besides, you like history more. Dictators, wars and revolutions, oh my! “It all began with Mesopotamia, the world’s first civilization…” No. You’re lame. They know this. Other people know this.

AND you think Stalin is more interesting anyway… Oo, Stalin.

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Hitler. Mussolini. Evil, but interesting. What made them tick? Why did they kill; hunger for control? Oh God, and Robespierre! What and idiot! “I’ll be a driving force in starting a revolution, go power crazy like the king and queen I helped overthrow, and then get myself kill-““Excuse me sir? No sir, she wasn’t offside. She had the ball on a break-away… Ok sir, I’ll talk to him about it.”The play was clean.

Everyone Thinks. They Know. The Offside. Rule. I know it though. I know that that it isn’t ‘offsides’ like everyone says. I know the rule because I played goalkeeper until I broke my kneecap.

I KNOW offside (no s). Kneecap… Patellllaaa… Meanings. Interpretations. Translations. Shakespeare. “Beware the Ides of March.” March 15th.

Ya know, the clock sounds during the meeting of the assassins, but Julius Caesar was around circa 40 BCE. There weren’t any clocks back then; they told their time by the sun… The center of the universe.“No sir, I’m sorry, that’s not a foul. Well, from THIS angle, it looked as though her elbow didn’t hit your player; I think she was just running.”Ahh, right. Heliocentric. Beautiful word.

Genius discovery. Poor Copernicus, too afraid to say anything. But not Galileo, nope nope. A real person. Not afraid to speak out. To be different. Finding his heaven through the hell he had to go through for his publications.

Go. Through. Hell. To. Get. To. Heaven.

Nizche. It’s true though. I mean think about it, I stand in the sun- all day- and listen to parents yell at me- all day- to get paid in hopes that I can eventually experience a little bit of my heaven… Study abroad. Save that money… Learn, soak up, enjoy. LIVE. Mumbai, Athens, Rome, and Warsaw. Save.

Travel. Learn. Learn. Learn. Through all things, I learn, learn, learn.

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