Justice and Injustice

10 October 2016

Carey 4th period Huston Catch 22’s Justice and Injustice2/18/13 Imagine a cell full of people, everyone in the society thinks they have aided in robbing a bank. It is cold and they barely get any food. They sleep on the floor and have nothing but the clothes on their back. The only thing is, they are all innocent. They were just there at the wrong time but, they cannot prove that. They have to stay in the prison until police officers have found the guilty party, and have proven the injustice.

There is justice and injustice in every society, which is inevitable. There is no way to stop injustice from happening and there is no way to get people to start doing the right thing. In the novel, Catch 22, by Joesph Heller, the theme is justice and injustice. People must learn to have a sense of morality. There are many times where Heller writes about injustice, specifically when the nurse finds that the soldier in white is dead (10). Yossarian and Dunbar blame the Texan because he was African American.

The Texan refuses the blame by saying that “they don’t allow blacks in here”. Yossarian and Dunbar go further and say that the Texan knew that the Communist sergeant smuggled the soldier in white in (11). It seems almost impossible that the Texan could kill him, because he was with Yossarian and Dunbar the whole time. Yossarian and Dunbar seem to only care about themselves not being blamed, instead of finding out who actually killed the soldier in white or if it was of natural causes.

They both decide to blame the Texan, even though they both knew that he could not have killed the soldier in white. Sometimes people do an act of injustice because they are simply embarrassed. For instance, when Clevinger is charged for random things, just because Clevinger is more intelligent than his superiors, which makes them uncomfortable. They call him into an inquisition where they make up charges to level against him. Although, they do charge him for random acts, in the end they cannot charge anything against Clevinger. The sergeants that uestioned Clevinger only thought about themselves, and how they felt inferior to him, instead of thinking highly of him. This instance shows injustice by the way the sergeants need to feel highly of themselves instead of someone being more intelligent than they are. Some people have to get justice from injustice. In particular, when Major Major gets a promotion because of a computer error (86). Wintergreen does not accept his promotion so he prevents him from ever getting a false promotion again. Wintergreen thwarts Major Major’s false promotions and/ or demotions.

Wintergreen believes that everyone should work their way up instead of a computer glitch. This is one of the only times that Heller writes about injustice but, then writes about how justice solved the issue. Go back to the prisoners in the jail. Police officers have finally found the real culprits and set the falsely accused free. The families of the falsely accused are relieved that they have finally gotten justice, and that they finally get to see their family again. There are many themes in the novel Catch 22, but the major theme is justice and injustice.

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