Justin Bieber – “My World”

7 July 2019

On November 17, 2009, Justin Bieber, a 15-year-old discovered on YouTube, came out with his first album. Island Records and the pop star Usher helped young Justin put together “My World.” Bieber has quickly won over the hearts of many young girls because of his adorable smile and innocent stage presence. The CD is mostly upbeat, happy songs of love for and admiration of a certain girl in the singer’s life.

His most popular song, “One Time,” is by far the best here and will make listeners sing along. It describes how he felt when he met a girl and how she is now his “one love.” Another great song is “Down to Earth,” which displays the artist’s strength and talent. Although not specifically about love, it conveys the struggles people face, including divorce, and the importance of compromises. The next track, “Love Me,” is familiar since it is Bieber’s cover of the song by The Cardigans. The lyrics have been ­altered to fit the life of a 15-year-old and have a somewhat techno genre feel. I feel like at my age, 17, I can relate to these songs more than some of the others on the CD.

Justin Bieber – “My World” Essay Example

The majority of the songs are easy to become a fan of, but a few are not as catchy or appealing. The lyrics of “Bigger,” about a young player who has grown up to find love, are ­confusing and childish, and Bieber’s voice sounds very high-pitched. “First Dance” ­begins with an unknown rapper and then introduces Bieber, who sings about dancing with his date, “tasting her lip gloss,” and having to be home by nine. This song will only appeal to very young kids, even younger than Justin.

Throughout the CD Bieber displays a number of annoying traits, unfortunately: two songs begin with him whispering “Mafia,” and he refers to himself by his nickname, “JB,” in every song.

The cute and talented Bieber has been very successful in both the United States and his home, Canada. I am glad that we now have a young artist who is truly innocent, and has not (yet) been changed by fame and money. I am a fan of the image he portrays. I look forward to more performances, songs, and success by Bieber.

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