Justin Timberlake — Justified

11 November 2019

Justa few months ago, Justin Timberlake, a member of *NSYNC, came out with his soloalbum “Justified.” He has a sound quite different from *NSYNC, with agreat combination of musical styles and lyrics that are definitely hisown.

Timberlake may have been a member of *NSYNC, but now he’s made a namefor himself. Some have even compared him to Michael Jackson with his mix ofR, soul and pop. “Rock Your Body” is the only song that’s reallydifferent from the rest with its disco/techno feel. He also has a wonderfulfalsetto that booms throughout the CD.

Justin Timberlake — Justified Essay Example

Timberlake co-wrote all the songs,which really comes through on “Cry Me A River,” where he lets out hisfeelings on his breakup with Britney Spears. Most of the other songs discuss hisfeelings about other women, which makes you think he is definitely the playertype. He also makes many sexual comments throughout the album. In the song”Rock Your Body,” he sings, “I want to have you naked by the endof this song.”

This album definitely shows his independence from*NSync. You don’t have to question who’s singing and whose feelings are beingexpressed in each song, you know. It is intimate because you can relate toJustin, not a group.

This is one of the most heartfelt, personal albums Ihave heard in a long time. It really lets you see Justin as an individual insteadof just part of a pop group.

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