Juvenil Crimes

5 May 2017

They look at Juveniles on how unreliable and inconsistent they are on making bad decisions. But often minors bring unparticular brutally attracting impulsive claims on their behalfs on their crimes. Though the mind of a teenager’s brain is pretty much dazed out, meaning how would you think they could handle prison. Well people say if they can handle committing crimes they should put up with what should be disserved. This brought a concern to society should Juveniles be charge as adults? In the article assertions from Liptak, Lundstrom, Krikorian, and Thompson, bring us vidence of how Juveniles are being tried as adults.

These Journalists bring concerning information on how teen’s react to hatred crimes that they commit. Liptak and Lundstrom consideration against one’s opinion on how Juvenile’s crimes should be thought are at most similar to one another’s thoughts. Liptak thinks that Juveniles should be brought to thought, that they commit crimes to diminish their responsibilities to some of what of danger to themselves and others. Lundstrom says that theyre only kids until they mess up and commit crimes, then were more eager to all them adults.

Juvenil Crimes Essay Example

Krikorian believes that teens are “seriously impaired”, are less likely to recognizes the risks and don’t really think about the consequences. Thompson finds that mathematical the brain system grows little until puberty corresponding with abstract concepts before then. Krikorian and Thompson have the agreement that teens are at a stage were they really don’t think because they are still kids and that they don’t know better. In the article “Supreme Court to rule on Executing Young Killers” By Adam Liptak, Robert Acuna was convicted of killing two elderly eighbors referring to “Execution Style” then stealing a car.

Mr. Acuna was the latest person to be convicted with a death row sentence before the age of 18. In “Kids Are Kids until They Commit Crimes” by Marlie Lundstrom writers about a 12 year-old savagely beated a 6 year-old girl to death, Lionel Tate said he was imitating his world wrestler icon. In April. Nathaniel Braizl was charged with first-degree murder at the age of 14, for shooting an English teacher that didn’t let him say goodbye to two girls on the last day of school. In “Many Kids Called Unfit for Adult trial… y Greg Krikorian researched that teens are emotionally or intellectually unable to contribute to their own defense in court. In studies shown thousands of Juveniles went to an adult trail when they shouldn’t because of their inability to stand the courts proceeding. In “Startling finds on Teenage Brains” by Paul Thompson discovers that the patterns of brain growth in children and teenagers. The brain is like a puzzle that grows fast at the point of learning skills. Also, that the massive loss of brain tissue happens in teenage years at risk taking, controlling impulses, and self-control.

The Supreme Young Juveniles are incompetent on being well behaved as what Krikorian says “Seriously Impaired” or is that Just an excuse? But knowing that you took a life is Just unimaginable and horrifying. So if you did the crime now you’re going to pay the time. Even though your seriously impaired if you know that then why you take advance of that abuse and commit crimes. If you blame the teens you’re basically blaming the parents for unfit parenting their children. They don’t teach their kids form right or wrong and don’t control their kids.

So minors are what so to be unished for what inconsiderable parenting. Many Juveniles are sentenced as adults for the crimes they commit at a young age being irresponsible. Their for theyre the one’s who should pay for the price they commit if they went against the law so the law should be put to Justices. Teens are impulsive when it comes to things that are serious at times which they can’t really control themselves either. Juvenile’s commit crimes today like Homicides, Murder, First-degree murder, Second-degree murder, Voluntary manslaughter, and Involuntary manslaughter.

People who commit uch horrible crimes should be taken seriously and let it be brought to Justices. It doesn’t matter what characteristics makes a person an adult, a Juvenile, or a child if you committed the crime at any age you should be held responsible for what you did so you should be tired no matter what. Juveniles are able to commit crimes but then, so they should be punished the same way as adults. Teens try to be like adult but they do it in an unfair manner to make them seem cool so when they “acted” like adults why not try them as adults give them what they want.

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