Juvenile Crime

9 September 2016

I feel that the juvenile crime mostly happen on children who between the ages of 7 and 18. They were generally thought to be incapable of committing a criminal act. About 80 percent of adolescents and pre- adolescents have engaged inappropriate behavior. The most common cases are involving underage smoking, taking drugs, illegal activities such as racing and gambling. In some countries, juvenile has charged with a serious crime, such as robbery or even murder. However this may causing many problems and dangerous to our society.

The factor of juvenile crime may come from family issue. Family education is very important to pre- adolescents. If a family who have a history of criminal activities, the children who living in these environment will be affected. Children who lack of parental control also manifested. Besides that, It also includes juveniles who have been subject to sexual or physical abuse, neglect, or abandonment. The another factor would be failure in school. Children who having poor academic performance, poor attendance, or more like, expulsion or dropping out of school.

This may cause them failed to develop social skills that are gained in school, and also increase the probability get contact with Gang Membership and Gun Possession. The juvenile court is a noble institution noble, underfunded, often unappreciated institution charged with the most important duty imaginable, protecting and reforming our children when all else failed. The juvenile court is one of the few places in society where the needs of children are paramount and where a passion for helping children defines its work.

The dispositions of child abuse and neglect cases and cases involving the termination of parental rights are equally and increasingly important functions that are essential to understanding the relationship between dependency and delinquency. The juvenile court is designed to deal with young offenders who commit crimes which is a soft way to reduce the percentage of juvenile crime. Parents and school also needed to put more effort and attention on children. Education is most important issue to form children who good in behavior.

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