K-12 Educational Program Reaction Paper

7 July 2016

K-12 is describe by the Department of Education (http://www. gov. ph/k-12/#about) as a Program covers Kindergarten and 12 years of basic education (six years of primary education, four years of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School [SHS]) to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship. Basically in the K-12 program there will be an additional 2 years of high school which in now called the Senior High School.

I personally like the new educational system that we are applying right now because it will help the students to be more equipped in the future, they will be more qualified to be in College or even to go to work right after they finished Senior High School, though many are complaining since our public school were lacking in the facilities, teacher, and many more, for the K-12 program. I believe that because of this new educational system we can have globally competitive graduates thus our economic status will raise, this will give us a lot of opportunities to be better in whatever field we are taking.

Many have notice that the graduates of our old educational system are not that good as the other graduates from the other countries with improve educational system. It is because they spend more time in education than us, our typical college graduate are 19-20 years old while their college graduate are 22-23, this means they spend more years studying than us so they master what field they are in. but because of our new educational system, the K-12 Program this will all change.

Every 5 years old child will be mandated to enter the kindergarten, after that they will spend 6 years in elementary education (Grade 1–Grade 6) then 4 years of secondary education (Grade 7-Grade10) and after that there will be an additional 2 years of high school (Grade 11-Grade 12) for mastery. Therefore our High School graduate will be around 18-19 years old, because of our new program they can choose among three tracks: Academic; Technical-Vocational-Livelihood; and Sports and Arts. The Academic track includes three strands: Business, Accountancy,

Management (BAM); Humanities, Education, Social Sciences (HESS); and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM). Students undergo immersion, which may include earn-while-you-learn opportunities, to provide them relevant exposure and actual experience in their chosen track. Because of that when the student decide to not enter college they can apply for work already because they are in their legal age unlike before when the high schools graduate were 15-16 when they decide to not enter college they will be unemployed even if they want to work because they are too young thus we have an increasing rate of unemployment.

But right now that is not a problem anymore since we have our improve educational system we can have a competent high school graduates who decided to go to work and eligible college students when they pursue academics. Our public schools in the Philippines always have a flaw, it is either they lack in the facilities or they lack teachers or sometimes both. And this is the case even without the K-12 so many were worried that the K-12 won’t be successful since we are deficient in the facilities. The answer of DepEd will be this “Program implementation in public schools is being done in phases starting SY 2012–2013.

Grade 1 entrants in SY 2012–2013 are the first batch to fully undergo the program, and current 1st year Junior High School students (or Grade 7) are the first to undergo the enhanced secondary education program. To facilitate the transition from the existing 10-year basic education to 12 years, DepEd is also implementing the SHS and SHS Modeling”. They claim that everything will be ready by the end of year 2013, but as always they have a flaw because in my hometown the public school still have a problem in the facilities, but they say it will be finish by this year, let us all hope that will be true.

Because of this new educational system there will be a great demand in teachers and that is good news to us as future teachers. Other than that the reason that there is something about K-12 that made me want it more than the previous one. In view for the fact that the Philippines is considered as a third-world country it is hard for us to be competitive in the global market, we also have poor education. But because of K-12 a lot will Change.

This new educational system will help the graduates of it to be more superior and they will have a great chance in the Global Market. Our economy will also benefit from this, we will have an increase in our employment rate and our economy will rise. There is still time to Change we just have to embrace the difference it will bring us because Opportunities come along with it. We just have to be brave and face all that risk for the time when we’ve done it, there will be Success.

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