Kaleidoscope Heart by Sara Bareilles

10 October 2019

When you think of Sara Bareilles, the 2007 pop-album “Little Voice” probably comes to mind. The “Love Song” princess met the release of her sophomore album, “Kaleidoscope Heart”, with monumental expectations from her yearning fans. Bareilles admits that, as she wrote the new album, she took more risks; risks that I believe contributed to the original feel of the thirteen enthralling tracks.
While you might have only heard “Love Song” or possibly “Gravity” from Bareilles’ debut album, “Kaleidoscope Heart” deserves to take the world by storm. Every song is filled with rich, motivational lyrics and beats that you will undoubtedly fall in love with. Whether you like powerful feel-good vocals, like “Uncharted” or “Gonna Get Over You”, or slower, melodic ballads such as “Breathe Again” or “Bluebird”, you will thoroughly enjoy “Kaleidoscope Heart”.
Though Bareilles does not collaborate with any other vocalists on her sophomore album, she describes how she makes the rules in her leading single “King of Anything”, which she released earlier in the year: “You dare tell me who to be, who died and made you king of anything?” Her vibrant lyrics resurrect her genuine, piano melodies and delicate yet bold vocals from “Little Voice” and synthesize them with a mature, more confident Sara.
Bareilles kicks the album off strong with an intro, fittingly named “Kaleidoscope Heart”. “Uncharted”, a feel-good vocal about going where she pleases and one of my personal favorite tracks off of the album, follows. Don’t let the rather old-fashioned introduction of the next track, “Gonna Get Over You”, steer you away from the song; it’s a compelling vocal explaining how she will “be alright, but not tonight”. The following track, my other personal favorite track, is a sweet, slow vocal about not knowing how to hold her heart, appropriately named “Hold My Heart”.
“The Light” is the slowest vocal on “Kaleidoscope Heart”, and easily makes your heart melt as you listen to Sara’s graceful and comforting voice. “Basket Case” is also a slow vocal. Bareilles explains how she is “just a basket case” over the course of this guitar-driven song. “Machine Gun”, Bareilles says during an interview, is a song written about the inevitable criticism that she will receive upon the release of “Kaleidoscope Heart”. Her amusing humor surfaces itself in this song, as she jokingly sings: “maybe nobody loved you when you were young”.
“Breathe Again”, the following song, is one of many slow yet beautiful songs found on “Kaleidoscope Heart”. In this ballad that Bareilles wrote about a relationship gone bad, she portrays a vulnerable girl who wants to someday breathe again. “Bluebird”, another ballad, is the final song on “Kaleidoscope Heart”. Bareilles sings about a bluebird and persuades him to fly as he once had. It is a moving, metaphorical ballad about picking yourself back up after getting hurt and a fitting way to finish a terrific record.
Overall, “Kaleidoscope Heart” is worth your time, even if you are not a Sara Bareilles fan. “Kaleidoscope Heart” showcases a more confident Sara with not only powerful, bold vocals but also sweet, savoring ballads that you will fall in love with.

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