Kansas Experiment

12 December 2017

The three levels of law enforcement is the local agencies, the state state agencies, and the federal government agencies. There is many roles in which the local agencies take part in on a daily basis, these duties and responsibilities are broken down into different roles. The local law enforcement agencies provide routine patrol for the community within their Jurisdiction, provide emergency services, maintain cords, uphold traffic enforcement laws, conduct criminal investigation, planning and analysis, maintain property, keep within budget, provide laboratory or forensic investigation, create agendas, and much more.The state law enforcement agencies have different roles as well. The state police are in charge of keeping the state highways, rural areas, and other areas that are located in their state safe. They are also in charge of keeping motor vehicles inspected per U.

S regulation, and they also induct criminal investigations, public relations and community initiatives. The difference between local and state law enforcement agencies is their resource, their staff, Gratification, and sometimes their cases budget.

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Kansas Experiment
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The federal law enforcement agencies work with certain types of crimes. Three of the most well known agencies are the Federal Bureau of investigations, United States Marshal Service, and the United States Border Patrol. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is responsible for eight major criminal investigations which include counterterrorism, counterintelligence, cyber crime, public corruption, civil rights, organized crime, white collar crime, and major thefts or violent crimes.

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