Karina – First Love

10 October 2019

Karina’s debut album, First Love, is both phenomenal and beyond her years. When listening to her voice, you’d naturally think she was older. Aside from her youth, Karina has the kind of voice that makes her seem about 10 years older than she actually is. Her “old soul” vocals compliment her no-nonsense attitude. Her maturity is displayed on songs like 16 @ war, Can’t bring me down, and Slow Motion.

First Love is a CD that’s different from what you’d expect. Majority of her songs have dynamic lyrics that tell a story. She uses her music to express self- determination and female empowerment.

Karina – First Love Essay Example

The tone of First Love is set by the album’s first single, “16 @ War.” The track is a female empowerment song about some of the things that teenage girls living in urban areas have to deal with. “Ain’t no daddies where I’m from it’s just mad mothers, And eyes that still seem they can’t look past color, Why am I disrespected by someone I should call brother? And why girls feel unpretty and constantly hate each other,” Karina sings. The song’s deep, and it’s not the only one on the album that is. This song leaves you in serious thought. “Can’t Bring Me Down,” Karina calls on her inner Alicia Keys: “If I stumble, I won’t hit the ground,” she sings over a piano and strings-laced beat. This song is about having conviction and motivation despite hard times. The album has a mix of serious and light-hearted tracks. The party songs designed to show her youthful side (“90s Baby,” “Baby Baby”) are just as good as the more serious stuff, which means that Karina’s not just a one-dimensional artist.

Karina’s vocals and piano talent is a reminder of the soulful R&B artist, Alicia Keys. Her uniqueness is shown through her songs. Most artists her age sing about boys, parties, love, etc. She sings about teenage love, but her words and vocals are what make the song sound mature and less corny. Overall, many teenage girls can relate to her album.

Karina makes an effort to express her own style. First Love is a wonderful debut of her talent. If she brings this expertise of music now, I can only imagine how great of an artist she’ll be years from now. /

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