Kate Chopin The Awakening

4 April 2015
Argues that the female protagonist’s shallow, romantic and elitist life inevitably leads to meaningless suicide.

This study will argue that the last act of Edna Pontellier, in Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening, is typical of her hysterical behavior throughout the book. Edna has lived a superficial, romantic and elitist life, and her death by suicide is little more than an act of would-be romantic tragedy, the last act of a spoiled, self-centered child incapable of love or true participation in the reality of human life. She does not achieve freedom in that final act, but instead raises a white flag of surrender to the forces that would keep her a little pouting child among men.

Kate Chopin The Awakening Essay Example

The suicide which ends the book and the life of Edna fits perfectly into the pattern of acts which makes up Edna’s life. She shows throughout the book that she is capable of whining and protesting at the smallest inconvenience in her spoiled life, but …

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