Kate Chopin: Woman Out of Her Time

4 April 2015
A comparison of three short stories by Kate Chopin.

This paper compares the three short stories by Kate Chopin: “Story of an Hour,” “A Respectable Woman” and “Regret.” It considers symbolism, style, tone, setting and perspective in these stories. The paper demonstrates this through the writer’s examination of how emotions and events are depicted with the positive and negative impacts of marriage, as interpreted by a reader.
Kate Chopin was a woman out of her time. Her writing looks at the role of women in a society where they are constrained by the societal frameworks and ideas of propriety. This is reflected in the way that marriage is presented in a truly feminist perspective in her stories.
The subjects of Chopin’s books have many common themes including the emotions of women and the analogy of youth. If we look at the way in which marriage was viewed with both positive and negative aspects we may gain a more comprehensive understanding of her work.

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