Kate Nash – “Made of Bricks”

10 October 2019

Despite some of the bitter reviews of Kate Nash’s ­album “Made of Bricks,” the 20-year-old British singer and songwriter has totally won me over. I’m the kind of person who loves any music that makes me want to sing along, and Kate has done just this.

Her single “Foundations” ­begins with a vivacious, fun-loving sound that is bound to paint a smile on anybody’s face and force one to pull out the ­little packet of lyrics to sing along.

Nash’s British accent combined with her beautiful tone just swallow me up. She takes the words right from anyone’s mouth who has dealt with challenging relationships, and she develops the lyrics in a colorful, inviting way. Though her random, energetic lyrics are mostly charming, they are dulled by the regular use of swear words.

Many believe the only success on her album is the hit single “Foundations,” but the different tempos of each song drew me in.

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Anybody looking for a high-energy new style should surely look out for Kate Nash. She has a different take on music and paints the story of damaged hearts all too well.

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