Katy Perry

7 July 2019

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a bad influence DON’T BUY HER CD! I am doing her because I don’t like her songs and her style. She is a bad singer and she totally can’t
Sing live. When she sings live her voice gets to high and it cracks and sometimes it sounds like it’s dried out. But besides that she is still a bad singer. On a rating one to five I would give her a 1 because of her bad decisions that she’s makes. The bad decision is she is a bad remodel for kids because of her attuide. She doesn’t have a great personality for kids because she takes things in a different way then kid think you would take things.

Katy Perry Essay Example

Her CD is called one of the Boys acting like she’s one? Nope she’s not she is straight up lady and she need to start acting like it. She’s very immature she acts to younger then he age and she needs to learn to grow up and be a women not a girl like she’s trying to act. My most Unfavorite song is I Kissed a Girl because it’s a naughty song. Also her vocals are very bad in this song. Katy Perry’s Genre is pop. It’s a fun kid teen album. I would recommend this singer to girls who like this kind of music and like to mess around and have fun listening to horrible music that most people don’t like and think it’s stupid. I wouldn’t recommend this to children or ANY ONE because we do not want kids to look up to her at there age or don’t want people going deaf. Also who like’s pop that isn’t good! Pop is on 98 Pxy and 106.7 stations on the radio most of there music is good but not when Katy perry comes on. Not many people like her and think she is werid.

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